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on writing books and publishing

by Lena Graham (2018-03-27)

It seems like a good amount of the comments here come to the support of YA fiction through the understanding that it has something that adult fiction does not. Regarding this, I as the essaytyper writer wonder if that group has a wide understanding and practice of reading literature meant for adults, excluding all the other populist titles that serve as pure entertainment.

I'd like to see a poll on who has actually read any young adult fiction. I've asked a few in my circles and can't find one person who has read Hunger Games. Most weren't familiar with the series. The media would have me believing otherwise. FWIW, the people I asked are well-educated, are from Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Yale and most have at least one graduate degree. Perhaps the issue is exaggerated and the only grown people reading this category are parents who are overly involved in their children's interests?