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politics of education

by Stella Ferguson (2018-02-16)

As the groundswell of support to do away with testing it's being ignored that this would eliminate any possibility of transparency....unless someone comes up with something. In my experience I have seen a different reason teachers, science teachers in this case, have left the grades where testing occurs. According to the data from many left 8th grade in 2007 because they did not want the responsibility. It had little to do with avoiding high stakes testing.  
The old school report cards in my state provided a good deal of transparency. The % who passed their reading test, math test, algebra test and science test. The old report cards broke down the sub groups, too. In that the % who passed as well as the number of that sub group who took the test. Compared with the other information (the total number of students who took a particular test) you could see the demographics of specific schools as well. The new report cards appear to NOT provide the total number of students who took a particular test nor the number of students who took the test in a particular sub group.